Desk Top PublishingDesk Top Publishing

Transfix provides a full range of desk top publishing services, from editing graphics files to file recreation from PDF. We typeset everything, from community leaflets to glossy marketing brochures and large multi-lingual user guides.

As with our othet language services, our DTP service covers a wide range of languages, including non-Latin script languages.

From FrameMaker, InDesign, QuarkXPress and complex Word files, we produce mirror image copies in the languages you specify. You receive finished, ready to print multi-lingual documents. If its a website you need, the files are returned ready to upload to your web domain.

We can recreate documents from a PDF or scanned file, then return these to you – translated, edited and proofread in the file format of your choice.

File engineering plays a big part in today’s translation services. Our IT department has experience with translation memory offering cost savings for ongoing projects.

Graphic Design

Our in-house designers can design company brochures, business cards, information leaflets and websites for your company with languages in mind.

For example, if a document has German pasted into it replacing the English, the word swell is 30%.

We make sure all your languages look as good as the English.